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Wilson Combat X Sig Sauer: WCP320 Carry

WCP320 CarryWCP320 Carry

Wilson Combat and Sig Sauer announce their second new, enhanced P320 9mm semi-automatic pistol collaboration: the WCP320 Carry. Gunsmiths and engineers from Wilson Combat have totally reworked the Sig Sauer P320 body and the unfinished Sig Sauer manufactured compact slide into a full-size grip including a 3-slot accessory rail for a portable, yet full-capacity 9mm handgun.

The WCP320 Carry will become a favorite of those who want a smaller, striker-fired handgun that is perfect for defensive use and concealed carry. Engineered with the polymer Carry-2 grip module with 3-slot rail. This newly designed and manufactured grip has enhanced traction, smoother reloading, improved pointablity and superb recoil control in dynamic shooting – built to be an ergonomic shooting machine.

SIG SAUER’s XFULL trigger is standard on the WCP320 Carry and allows shooters a lower finger position on the trigger to help increase leverage for a lighter – and smoother – trigger pull.


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