Winchester® Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary of Super-X® Ammunition

Winchester is celebrating 100 years of the Super-X® brand with a limited-edition series of time-proven ammunition. Since 1921, generations of hunters and sport shooters from around the world have put their trust in Super-X, a brand of ammunition products built on legendary performance and reliability.

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“Winchester is a brand that represents both legacy and innovation,” said Matt Campbell, vice president of marketing and sales. “For more than 150 years, Winchester has been a leader in innovation with brands like Super-X, which fundamentally changed the ammunition landscape when it was introduced. That continuous innovation is part of the Winchester story and continues today.” 

In 2021, seven flagship products were chosen from the dozens of Super-X offerings and packaged in collectible retro packaging. Whatever your pursuit, there is a Super-X product for all your favorite hunting and shooting activities.

2021 Super-X Commemorative Offerings
About Super-XThe technology behind Super-X was conceived by past president and owner of Winchester, John Olin. As a chemical engineer and avid duck hunter, he correctly theorized that progressive burning powders could achieve faster velocities and more downrange energy without the dangerous pressure spikes that would have come with using the common powders of that era. While it is common today, Super-X was revolutionary and offered dramatically improved performance over the competition in its early days.  

Mr. Olin once shared a funny story about a duck club rivalry that inspired this development. A “duck shooter” he shared the blind with would shoot ducks on the water rather than as they were flying. After a heated discussion about conservation and sportsmanship, Mr. Olin had made up his mind to develop a product to teach this man a lesson. When he came back the next season, Olin had a product that allowed him to effectively shoot ducks fifty yards away — an impressive feat at that time. The rival “duck shooter” didn’t get a duck that morning, and Super-X was born.

This same concept of progressive burning powders achieving high velocity was later applied to a line of centerfire and rimfire products that have been extremely popular with recreational shooters and hunters ever since.

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