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New Ammo: Winchester Deer Season XP Copper Impact

June 25, 2018

New from Winchester: Deer Season XP Copper Impact rifle ammunition provides devastating terminal performance on deer with increased weight retention and deeper penetration.

Like the original Deer Season XP, Copper Impact features a large-diameter polymer tip and an engineered hollow-point bullet that initiates rapid expansion on impact. What differentiates this new version, is the solid copper bullet design that offers improved weight retention over standard jacketed lead-core bullets and a different colored polymer tip for product differentiation from standard Deer Season XP loads.

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Deer Season XP Copper Impact will be available in 20-round boxes and can be used in areas that require lead-free ammunition.

Initial caliber offerings:

  • .243 Win.                   85 gr.
  • .270 Win.                   130 gr.
  • .308 Win.                   150 gr.
  • .30-06 Springfield       150 gr.
  • .300 Win. Mag.           150 gr.

The new loads will begin shipping June 2018.  For more information, visit:

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