WOOX Furiosa Rifle Chassis Sootch00 Review

WOOX Furiosa Rifle Chassis Review

WOOX Outdoors is based in Hickory, North Carolina. They produce a number of different axes, knives, and other various things for the outdoors. Back in 2020, they introduced their Furiosa. The Furiosa is a chassis that fits a number of different actions. One thing about this system in itself is the wood with the aluminum, I’ve never seen anything like this. In fact, when GetZone told me they were sending a chassis for me to do a review on, I was kind of like, okay, fine. I got this in, opened the box, and I was like, wow, that is beautiful. The adjustability on this is not only simple, but it really allows you to dial in and I’ve never seen anything like it. So, I’m going to show you guys because this is really not only a beautiful rifle chassis, but it is perfect for getting you on target at the range. The one thing about chassis is it really allows you to get comfortable behind the rifle, especially for long range shooting, and for that matter, even hunting. They do make a number of different models, though some more streamlined, but all are beautiful. The one we are looking at today though has to be my favorite. Again, we want to thank GetZone.com for connecting us with WOOX Outdoors and for sending the Furiosa for this review.

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WOOX is actually in partnership with Minnelli in Italy and they do all the designing and of course WOOX who is in Hickory, North Carolina does the manufacturing and machining. In that area of North Carolina they are known for the really high-quality furniture, so it doesn’t surprise me that they’re coming in with this beautiful wood. This is the Furiosa with the Remington 700 action—they do make it for both the long and the short action. But this really allows you to be able to adjust this stock to fit you very naturally and that’s what you’re really looking forward to, taking all the other variables out so that when you pull that trigger, you’re just very comfortable. There is a lot of different chassis out on the market, but I’ve not seen anything even close to this with the wood and the metal.

Now when it comes to going to the range with a precision-type rifle, they’re heavy, they’re big, you’re putting them on the bench, and you really want to get that perfect comfort feel where you want it to be as natural as possible. It allows you to focus on your accuracy. There’s nothing worse than being behind a rifle and having to get into a weird angle to be able to shoot and to see through your scope. That’s one of the things about a chassis system, but this, in particular, allows you to easily adjust. You’re not turning knobs, you’re not incrementally dialing it in, you just push that button and you just set it at the angle that you want it—t gives you a lot of flexibility. But also gives you the metal strength behind it and yet that warmth of wood, you can just put it right up next to your cheek, it’s a really nice natural feel to it. And then the forehand also has that natural feel, so all the points of contact are wood and yet you have the strength of the aluminum chassis that runs throughout. The course of the free float barrel is gonna allow you to get really good accuracy, and then with the M-lock at the front, attaching any kind of bipod, lights, whatever you want to on it, it’s just a great way to put this package together.

Now while on the bench is optimal, if you really want to take this hunting, you could. You can shoot this prone, obviously it just makes itself very comfortable being able to set it up like you want to. We did do some prone shooting just to get a feel for it. And then just freehand firing off a few rounds, just wanted to see how it felt the balance, it is a very balanced firearm. Of course with this Chassis System at the back and then with this particular rifle with the heavy barrel, it is heavy, and it’s not something you probably want to carry hunting on a regular basis—but you could do it. According to the long range precision shooting that you’re doing, I mean, sometimes you have to get off the bench and you have to shoot from different positions and this will allow you to do that.

Now yes, the chassis is beautiful, it makes the stock really ergonomic. It allows you to get really behind the rifle and just feel like it nestles into your shoulder. But, what does it do for accuracy? Now they had an independent study done with a Remington 700 and a standard stock. MOA was 0.97 inches. With the WOOX stock, they got the average groups down to 0.357. Now of course that has a lot to do with the action of the rifle, rifles are different, but it does reduce your overall groups. So not only is it very comfortable, but this system is very solid. I mean it is a drop in system; you just put it in— there’s no bedding, there’s no pillars that need to be added. But speaking of all that, when I was at the range, we were definitely getting some phenomenal groups. Unfortunately, I had my camera on the target and the battery had died. So you’re gonna have to take my word for it because I didn’t realize I hadn’t gotten that footage until I got home. I did a lot of research before I started this review and the accuracy is there.


  • Type Hand: Right-handed/Left-handed
  • Color Options: Walnut/Midnight Grey/Micarta Black
  • Sizes: 30.9-31.8″ or 78.5-81cm
  • OAL: 31″ or 78.7cm
  • LOP Min: 13″ 11/16 or 33.9cm
  • LOP Max: 14″ 1/8 or 35.9cm
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs or 2.19kg; Furiosa Micarta is 5.0 lbs
  • Biggest Floating Barrel: 1.17″ or 2.971cm

For more information please visit wooxstore.com

WOOX Furiosa Rifle Chassis Sootch00 Review

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