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Two years ago, on my first trip to SHOT Show, I was on the hunt for a rifle to use for my new adventures in 3-Gun competition. I knew exactly whom I wanted to approach: I went directly to the JP Enterprises booth. I emailed John Paul, the owner, before the show to set an appointment but I was nervous to approach, especially since I was such a newbie in a field where he was pro. Sure, I have a great resume for long-range competition but 3-Gun is a different game. Why did I seek out JP over many others? Reputation.

You can’t throw a stick without running in to a JP rifle at matches. I was also allowed to shoot a friend’s JP rifle at my first 3-Gun match. I loved it, but everyone in the shooting world has his or her own opinion about what the best product is. I had to do my own research and ask a lot of questions before I made a commitment.

I had a couple of other rifle manufacturers I was also considering. I emailed all three companies for information, but only John Paul responded, and he responded immediately. Any time I asked a question, I got a book-length response, telling me exactly how much he loves what he does and how invested he is in the product he makes.

At SHOT Show I tried not to drool over John’s display models. Most were from his personal collection, since they are so busy making rifles to order they did not really have any new ones to display. It’s really not a bad problem to have. I placed my order right then and there. I got carried away and upgraded every single piece of that rifle, and it shows.

The Rifle

I have a few external visual details that many a match-RO have stopped and whistled at. The rifle, I mean, not me. The stainless two-toned Presentation Grade Finish upper assembly looks awesome. Not to mention they laser-engraved my 30CalGal logo onto the magwell. To add even more flash I wanted to add some color. I ordered a red thermal Dissipator and then mounted a Warne scope mount in the same color. Winning! I wish there was a clear window on the rifle to show off the bolt assembly as well. That may sound strange but it is truly a work of art. I admire it every time I clean my rifle. The only thing I have changed on the original rifle is the pistol grip, = now an Accu-Grip, which is adjustable for the length of pull to trigger. Being six feet tall I have long fingers, but now get the perfect fit for my hands. The optic shown is the Leupold VX-6, 1-6×24.


After all of these external details you may be wondering how this thing shoots? Steady as a rock.

The SCR-11

  • Caliber: .223
  • Operation: Direct-Impingement
  • Barrel Length: 18.00 inches
  • Barrel Contour: Light Weight
  • Rifling Twist: 1 in 8
  • Side Charging Handle
  • Free floating modular hand guard
  • Magpul UBR Stock


  • Presentation grade hand finish
  • Stainless Polished LMOS Carrier
  • Laser-engraved logo on magwell
  • Red Long Thermal Dissipator

The SCR-11 was desgined after many requests from owners of LRP-07 side-charge rifles. They wanted the same features as the LRP-07 but scaled down to .223.

“We’ve constantly had shooters at matches asking when JP would incorporate the side-charging feature into a .223 rifle like the CTR-02.” Says John. “The SCR-11 is the next step in our all-out competition-ready rifles. Since the lines and innovative charging system of the LRP have been so well received, we’ve made the SCR-11 essentially a scaled down version of the LRP-07 available with all the same caliber, barrel, hand guard, metal finishing and stock options as the popular CTR-02. Like its predecessor, it will also have the exaggerated bevel on the magazine well for faster speed loading and all the unique internal components and attention to detail that make a JP rifle what it is—the benchmark of self-loading rifles.”

This rifle has proven quality. I have put this thing through its paces and I have never had any malfunctions. I would normally say “knock on wood” after that statement, but I have no concerns. Even during the three days of the MGM Ironman 3-Gun in Parma, Idaho, the super fine dust that gets in to every crevice there was never an issue.

The Compensator

Shooting a series of rapid shots out of my SCR-11, the sight picture barely comes off of target. I can thank the compensator John developed. I would say the only complaint about this rifle is from the poor person standing to the side of me. The compensator will send vibrations through the entire body of the person standing next to the shooter, but has almost no recoil. It just brings you right back on target.


The compensator is the first product John developed before he started building rifles. Back in the day he was not a big fan of ARs. When he finally gave in and took one as a trade-in at his store, he went out to shoot it and knew there had to be a way to make it better. So the JP Recoil Eliminator was developed, and later resized to a smaller 1-inch by 3-inch version that was legal in competitions.


The Trigger

After the compensator, the trigger was developed. Most single stage triggers had a lousy reset, were not reliable and would quit after only several hundred rounds. JP Enterprises soon cornered the market with their design.


First, they redesigned the sear geometry to reduce the reset travel of the hammer to only about two-degrees.

Second, they reduced the “hammer camming” effect to the minimum necessary to eliminate “perching”. Perching is the situation in which it is possible to perch the hammer in a partial engagement situation on the sear.

Third, they changed the trigger material to A-2 tool steel and, resulting in a trigger that is hard and tough throughout, not just on the surface.


If you look at the hand guard you will notice the bright red Dissipator underneath. The JP Thermal Dissipator attaches to the barrel between the gas block and the receiver. It is intended for applications where sustained fire with excessive heat buildup is a problem. It not only drastically improves cooling but also maintains a more uniform barrel temperature under sustained fire. Not to mention it comes in really cool colors.

The bolt assembly I had mentioned earlier, the latest edition JP EnhancedBolt™ is made from SAE 9310 high-grade steel. According to the company this material makes for an extremely hard surface with a tough, ductile core resistant to structural failure with a life expectancy far exceeding Mil-spec C-158 bolts. SAE 9310 is the same type of steel used in the transmission gears of Formula One racecars, and the high-load application of a bolt assembly is ideal for this state-of-the-art material. I bet the fun part was the full-auto endurance torture tests they did.

The Silent Spring System

Their newest product is a silent spring system. The Captured Spring System was designed to take the “kaboing” out of the AR. They designed and produced their own action springs with a perfect centerless-ground and precision-polished outside diameter.

“These JP Custom Buffer Springs are an inexpensive way to see exactly why we have a reputation for having the quietest, smoothest rifles on the market,” says John.

I am probably more excited about this spring system because one is coming in the mail to be installed in to my rifle. When charging or firing it will feel like butta’.

History of JP Enterprises

John Paul grew up learning how to shoot small bore from his father. His freshman year at a military high school the shooting coach was so impressed with John’s shooting ability that he put him on the varsity team immediately. He then went on to shoot on the team at Notre Dame.

After college John Paul felt he was not suited for a “normal” job and dabbled in several things. He was a professional musician for about 7 years, he also spent time custom painting motorcycles and remodeling homes. But his first love of guns came back, and with the money saved he bought out a failing gun store.

The problem was that he did not know it was failing. The location became very remote as modern highways were built away from his store. He kept the store alive through the lease and bought a building in Northern Minneapolis right off a highway exit. Sounds ideal right? It would have been had that area not been crime-ridden.

After one too many break-ins his insurance company canceled him. He could not stay open without insurance. There was a question of safety there as well. Within 30 days John Paul liquidated every square inch of the store and two of his friends who owned a gun store in another part of the state opened their second location in his shop. Second thoughts about whether or not he should have closed the store haunted him, until one day a horrible phone call came. The police told him his friends had been executed during a robbery at the store.

John then took a pilgrimage and traveled to the top three gun schools in the country. One of which was Chapman Academy, the experience got him in to practical shooting and 3-Gun. Through all of this he was learning about what rifles needed to have in order to be competitive.

Initially, John Paul started out to build parts, the complete rifles would come later. He started with the compensator, and then the trigger as mentioned earlier, and has skyrocketed to a 30-employee company that now makes complete rifle systems, but the parts are still almost half of his business. Even now the company has a back-order on their popular bolt carriers and bolts. In the last year, with the demand for rifles and ammo, they were back-ordered 9-12 months.

I went to visit JP Enterprises again at their SHOT Show booth this year only to find a lonely sign. It said that due to their backlog they felt they needed to stay home and build guns. That is an expensive show to cancel, but like many other companies they just could not take any more orders anyway. That popularity just reaffirms the quality and dedication John and his staff have for their product. It is all about reputation.

By Anette Wachter. Originally published in the November 2013 issue of GunUp the Magazine.

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