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FN 509C Tactical Pistol

A couple of years ago we did a review of the FN 509 Tactical. This is a full feature handgun. I mean it has the threaded barrel, there’s a number of different magazine choices, even up to 24 rounds. FN is a very underrated handgun company to me. They do make rifles that are popular and they sell a lot of firearms to the U.S. Military – and to me their handguns are exceptional quality, they just don’t get the press. One of the things about FN that I always like is the texturing of the grip. It’s just solid.

FN is a very underappreciated handgun company. They do make rifles that are very popular and they sell a lot to the United States Military.  Their handguns have exceptional quality but for some reason don’t get the same amount of recognition as the other guns they make.

One of things about FN that is always great is the texturing of the grip. It is solid and always feels great.

This year, FN came out with the 509c Tactical. The 509c is the compact version of the standard 509 Tactical.  The 509c has a desert sand color. The slide has a darker tone that frame which is typical for FN handguns.

The 509c Tactical has great magazine options. You have the twelve round standard magazine, a fifteen round magazine that comes with a spacer, and a twenty-four round magazine with a sleeve. However, if you live in a state that doesn’t allow for magazines over ten rounds, they do offer a pack with three ten round magazines.

The FN 509c Tactical is a little bit larger than the Glock 26 and a little bit smaller than the Glock 19.

On the slide, there are two ears that come up on either side of the sight to protect it. The 509c comes with a low pro optics mounting system and has the Trijicon three dot suppressor height sights.

The barrel is cold hammer forged and is 4.30 inches in length. The barrel is threaded allowing for the addition of a suppressor or compensator. The crowned barrel helps to protect your barrel’s accuracy in the case that you drop your firearm.

The slide has front and rear cocking serrations which are spaced perfectly. You have  both ambidextrous slide stops and ambidextrous magazine releases. With the slide stop, there is a guard which helps to protect from accidentally hitting it. 

On the bottom of the frame, there is a rail for light and laser attachments. You also have your takedown lever located behind the rail above the trigger.

The texturing on the grip is great. The little squares are a little muted on the front and aggressive on the back to make for a nice grip.

The 509c is 7.4 inches in length, 5.3 inches in height, and 1.35 inches in width. Compared to the standard 509 Tactical, it is only slightly smaller in barrel length and grip height. According to FN, the 509c is the smallest 9mm tactical pistol on the market. The gun weighs 1lb 10.2oz, which is not very heavy.

The trigger has the pivot style action and has a somewhat crisp break when firing. The trigger pull weight is 5lbs 14.1oz, which is a little heavy due to the duty pull trigger.

Thank you to Fiocchi for sponsoring the ammunition for this test. We are going to be using Full Metal Jacket 115 grain ammunition for the test.

When firing, the grip was solid and the 509c worked great. Even after shooting 700 rounds through the handgun, we had no malfunctions.

One of the things that the original 509 Tactical had was a lower powered recoil spring pack to help with suppressors. However, with the standard compact model we had no problems when testing with suppressors.

When disassembling the 509c, you first want to make sure that the gun is unloaded. Next, pull back your slide and take the thread protector off. Then, bring your lever down and release your slide. Pull the trigger and the slide will come right off. Inside the slide, you can take out the recoil spring and guide rod and the barrel. For reassembly, put everything back in the same way that you took it out.

The FN 509c Tactical comes with a soft case. The soft case has a place for both the pistol and the extra magazines that come with it. The gun comes with a number of different mounting plates which allows you to attach any type of red dot. Also in the case is the owners manual and the lock for the case.

As far as pros and cons of the pistol, it’s full fit and ready to go. All the attachments and parts give the gun a great feel and keep it ready to go at all times.

The 509c also comes in black. They make an MRD model which is very similar to this model, just without the threaded barrel.

As far as the cons go, the mag release can be a problem for some people. Other than that, there aren’t really any other cons to the 509c.

The 509c Tactical is highly adaptable for whatever you are doing. It can be used as a conceal carry piece, yet you still have the capacity to add a suppressor if that’s what you are looking for.

The retail price on the FN 509c Tactical is $1049. At your local gun shop, you can probably find the 509c for less.

If you want to deck out your firearm, the FN 509c Tactical is a great choice. 

If you have a firearm or concealed carry, you should look at getting protection in the case that you have to fire or draw your weapon.  The USCCA can have your back in a case where you get yourself into a tough situation.

“Be Strong, Be of Good Courage, God Bless America, Long Live the Republic” – Sootch00

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The new FN 509C Tactical Pistol is the smallest 9mm Tactical Handgun on the market. This is a full featured option yet a small package. For more details check out FN America.

USCCA Membership Link: https://bit.ly/2IyWzjk (Affiliate Link)

Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for their Sponsorship!

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