Optics Ready Taurus GX4 TORO Sootch00 Review

Taurus introduced their GX4 9mm back in May of 2021. And now they’ve introduced their GX4 Toro model, which is optics ready. Honestly, I’ve not always been a big Taurus fan, but man over the past few years, Taurus has really put out some fine quality firearms. One of the things about the GX4 is that it’s budget priced, but it competes with any of the micro 9s out on the market. Now this is a brand new pistol from Taurus and we really appreciate Taurus for sending the GX4 Toro.

The original GX4, when I did the review, there were a number of comments about two things. Number one, it only had an 11 round magazine, no extended magazines. So with the Toro, they’re already coming in with a 13+1 magazine, in addition to your 11+1. But the second complaint, was that it was not optics ready. So now we have the Toro, and Taurus sent the Holosun 407K already installed on this handgun, and so now we have the red dot option and we have the extra magazine. And really the only complaint was that it wasn’t competing with a lot of the current subcompact micro 9s. And guys, honestly, this little Taurus, one of the things about it is that the price is right. That’s one of the things about Taurus, they always come in with a good quality firearm for a budget price.

There are some things about this particular firearm that actually exceed some of the others. And one of the big things, and we’re going to get into this a little bit later, but there is a stainless steel chassis that is inside the polymer frame with rails that run and really allow this to be very smooth shooting. It really allows the slide to function on that whole rail system. Also, the recoil system makes for a very flat shooting firearm.

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I’d already shot quite a bit with the original GX4, so I kind of knew what to expect with the GX4 Toro. But with the red dot, I wanted to see how the natural grip really fit the dot. Again, it co-witnessed with those sites, so it was really easy to pick up. The only problem with the dot is that it was so bright, I had to really tone it down. I love the grip. I like the way it fits in your hand, it’s one of those things that really gives you a lot of control over it. Again, with that memory pad at the front, the recoil management pad, I was able to keep my hand on that rough texture reminds you about it. So when you put it into your hand, you just kind of nestle it right there. But the recoil is just really mild with this firearm. Again, I think it has to do with that stainless steel chassis because it just rides very smooth. A lot of times with the small little micro 9s, they are pretty snappy. The SIG P365 has some snap to it, whereas this does not have as much snap as the 365 in my opinion. The trigger is nice—it’s not a super crisp break, but it’s a definite break.

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