At the Range: How to Properly Mount a Scope

Wondering how to properly mount a scope? In this episode of At the Range, Eric Lewis takes you through the necessary steps to mount your scope accurately and with ease, with minimal tools, on the Tikka T3x Tact A1 rifle.

Taking a different approach, Eric discusses a less used way to mount a scope. While not everyone has tools mentioned in videos they’ve seen online or they are not as concerned with the specifics and just want to get out on the range and shoot, Eric shows a more ‘lax’ way to go about mounting a scope.

The biggest thing you have to ensure is that you get your scope straight. Make sure the dials are on the proper sides. You can do this by taking your caps off and you’ll be able to see the up/down adjustments as well as the right/left, ensuring up/down is on top and right/left are on the sides. If you get your scope crooked, your adjustments are not going to work correctly.  Try to get it as straight as you possibly can.

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Be sure to take your time to make sure your scope’s screws are tight, but not over tightened as you can risk damaging your scope. After it’s good and secure, you’re ready to mount your scope to your rifle.

A few things to note when you’re mounting a scope is that you always want the scope as close to the barrel as you can possibly get it to ensure the most accuracy out of your firearm.

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