At the Range: How to Read a Box of Ammo

On this episode of At the Range, Eric Lewis talks about the differences in ammunition and how to read a box of ammo.

If you’ve ever visited a gun shop or ammo store, you know there is a plethora of different types, speeds, sizes, calibers and more which can be overwhelming if you’re just getting into shooting.

A few tips will help expedite your ammo purchasing and selection and give you a bit more information on what to look for.

Manufacturer’s put a ton of information on the outside of the box. A few things to look out for include the actual caliber of the cartridge. You never want to feed the wrong ammo into the wrong firearm. Besides caliber, weight, or grain, of a bullet will be on the box usually right on the front. This is important for what application you’re using the rounds for. The heavier the bullet, the lower the velocity will be.

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Some things people don’t look at when purchasing ammo is going to be on the back of the box including velocity and energy.

When picking ammo for rifles, it’s important to carefully read all the information on the front, back and sides of the box as it will be incredibly helpful before selecting your ammunition.

For shotshells, all ammo is application-specific. Make sure to take the time to read through all the specs and sizes on the packaging before selecting your ammo to make sure your firearm can handle it.

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Great info, especially with so many new gun owners.

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