At the Range: Shooting Targets Explained

In this episode of At the Range, Eric Lewis discusses and explains a few options you have on the range when you are going to shoot targets. Options for shooting targets range from paper silhouette targets to splatter targets that will give you immediate visual feedback to where your bullet is impacting all the way to AR500 steel, dueling tree targets or paddle held targets.

Talking specifics, the silhouette target man shape has your standard scoring ring around it. This silhouette target gives you good mental preparation for what you’ll see when you do have your target acquisition in the unfortunate incidence where you have to protect yourself or your family. Practice and repetition will help you make your draw, target acquisition and firing accurate and smoother in the moment you need it most.

Eric’s favorite, splatter targets, are typically adhesive although you can staple them where you need them. When you shoot, a neon color shows where the bullet penetrated it. This helps viewing where you hit your shot through binoculars or your riflescope so you don’t have to take multiple trips back and forth from your shooting position and the target. They also come with stickers that you can cover your bullet holes with and reuse the target throughout the day.

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The next target that’s fun are the gong targets or AR500 steel, a very popular target that’s made of hard metal so they don’t divot and reduces risk of ricochet. For safety, make sure your target is on a hinging system or that it’s angled so the bullet continues in a safe direction.

Another fun target is a dueling tree. Basically it is the same type of steel as the AR500 but the targets can pivot and swing so when you hit it, they swing from one side to the other. This can be an awesome competition as you try to get all the targets.

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