At the Range: How to Adjust a Trigger

In this episode of At the Range, Eric Lewis goes over adjusting your trigger pull on your rifle. He demonstrates this on the Tikka T3x Tact A1 rifle. Requiring a few different tools, disassembling your rifle correctly before adjusting the trigger pull is an important step – be sure to have a good set of metric allen wrenches handy.

After taking apart your rifle, you can clearly see your trigger assembly. Firearm companies have made this fairly easy and simple enough that you can adjust your trigger at home or at the range, with no more gunsmith needed. On the trigger assembly, you’ll see a small allen, about 2.5mm, and all you have to do is tighten or loosen that to get it to your preference. If you tighten the allen, it will make a tighter trigger pull. If you loosen it, it will make a looser trigger pull. A very simple, efficient set-up so you can tune your rifle right to your liking.

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There are a few reasons you may want to adjust your trigger pull on your rifle. If your trigger pull is too heavy, some people twerk the rifle slightly or the gun doesn’t go off when they want it to. Typically a lighter trigger will help make people more accurate as they are not flinching or waiting for the rifle to go off, allowing them to be focused on target. Eric’s personal preference is a 3.5 pound trigger.

With a rifle like this, you’ll be able to adjust it, try it out, and take it back apart to find out exactly how you want your firearm so that it is unique to you and your shooting experience.

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