New NovX Ammo: The New World of Ammunition

Welcome to the New World of ammo from NovX. NovX has created the most effective, lethal combination of bullet technology in decades. Stainless steel and copper polymer have come together to create the first 9mm Luger +P and standard pressure Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense cartridges. It is the fastest copper poly bullet at 1,655 FPS, and the lightest at 65gr. The bullet flies flatter than lead, offers less felt recoil, and creates absolutely devastating wound channels. Say goodbye to brass and lead!

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The NovX 9mm ARX® Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense cartridge (patent pending) combines the intellectual properties of a polycarbonate/copper ARX® bullet with the Shell Shock Technologies™ (SST) stainless steel casing and aluminum primer base, operating on the principle of Aero and Fluid Dynamics, not hydrostatic shock or mushrooming. Old-world brass is being replaced by NovX with a stronger, lighter and more consistent cartridge, creating arguably the most accurate defensive handgun ammunition on the market.

The NovX 9mm ARX® Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense bullet design is a proven platform that leads to highly efficient energy transfer, superior terminal performance, controlled penetration in fluid-based targets and optimum maximum range to lessen the chance of collateral damage in urban and home defense situations. This ammo produces 20-30% higher velocity than standard ammo and is extremely accurate.  Both new and seasoned shooters will appreciate the 20-30% less felt recoil aiding in faster target re-acquisition times. The 40-60% weight reduction vs standard ammo will greatly benefit law enforcement and government professionals.

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The NovX 9mm RNP® CrossTrainer was developed to mirror the NovX 9mm ARX® Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense cartridge utilizing the Shell Shock Technologies™ SST case, but replacing the ARX profile with the RNP (Round Nose Projectile). With nearly identical weights and velocities as the Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense round, the CrossTrainer is an excellent choice for training, competition and recreational shooting.  The NovX 9mm +P generates more ft/lbs of energy than a standard .45 ACP 230 grain at 875 feet per second!

With emerging lead regulatory compliance issues in certain states, as well as indoor ranges, the absence of airborne and deposited lead is a significant advantage to the end user and range owners.


NovX 9mm ARX® Engagement: Extreme Self-DefenseNovX 9mm ARX® +P Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense 
9mm Luger ARX®9mm Luger ARX®
65 grain65 grain
Velocity: 1,575 FPSVelocity: 1,655 FPS
Energy: 358 FT-LBSEnergy: 395 FT-LBS
MSRP:  $27.99 (26 round box)MSRP:  $28.99 (26 round box)
NovX 9mm RNP® CrossTrainerNovX 9mm RNP +P CrossTrainer 
9mm Luger RNP®9mm Luger RNP®
65 grain65 grain
Velocity: 1,550 FPSVelocity: 1,635 FPS
Energy: 347 FT-LBSEnergy:  386 FT-LBS
MSRP:  $27.00 (51 round box)MSRP:  $28.99 (51 round box)

+P Combo Pack:  MSRP: $54.99 (includes 26 ARX +P Engagement: Extreme / 51 RNP +P CrossTrainer)

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